Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic Treatment in Willow Grove

Root Canal Therapy in Willow Grove, PA - Heisler & Giannetti Family DentistryRoot canals are a procedure that has garnered a bad reputation through movies, TV, and unfortunately for some, personal experience. Let me assure you the purpose of a root canal is to relieve pain and infection, not cause it, and at Heisler & Giannetti Family Dentistry we insure your comfort throughout the entire procedure.

A root canal is needed when something has caused the nerve inside the tooth to either be injured or die. Sometimes this is caused by trauma to the tooth or a large cavity that has reached and infected the nerve. Once the nerve of the tooth is affected, the only way to treat the infection is to remove the nerve and clean the inside of the tooth.

We make sure the tooth is numb then we isolate it to ensure that no new bacteria from the mouth are introduced. We then use specialized instruments and medications to access and clean the inside of the tooth and place a filling material to fill the space where the nerve used to be.

After a root canal a crown is usually recommended to help stabilize the tooth and reduce the risk of the tooth fracturing.

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